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The Impact of the Web

What is the web and what impact does it have in our society? For me the web means many things, but most of all it’s an advancement, a step towards the future. While people might believe it’s had a positive impact others might argue the opposite, but for what reason? Many people say this generation has become obsessed with the web, even dependent on it, especially social media, but how could we not when we basically grew up with it. Through most of our lives we’ve been surrounded by media (television, video games, smartphones), and the rise of social media has only increased our desire to be connected. The web has had good and bad effects, and The BBC has perfectly described some of those effects like stress, depression and self esteem.

Of course the Internet has a different effect on each of its users depending on what you use it for. I spend most of my time on social media, in a way it has become an addiction, and I’ll admit even I’m disappointed sometimes. But it’s also been a necessity, mostly all of my school work I do through the web and I have learned so much by simply exploring the Internet. One of it’s main benefits is communication. It’s so much easier to communicate with friends and family cause now you can do it through social media and apps.

“people” by Prachatai is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Even though I believe the Internet is an amazing resource, it’s also one we have to use with precaution. None of what we post online is private, as much as we want to believe it. It’s always better to be safe so that our information doesn’t get in the hands of wrong people.

In my personal opinion I believe social media, although it may have it’s negative effects, is overall a great source through where you can learn new things, express yourself, be creative and try new things, and for that reason is why I most likely will never stop using the web or social media.


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