It’s a Holiday GIF!

My favorite time of the year is coming up and that is Christmas! I love all things festive and related to the holiday season and of course that includes movies. I’ll watch all kinds of festive movies (comedies, dramas, rom-coms, you name it) but there are some classics that I will never get tired of watching. Two of my favorite classics are The Grinch and The Polar Express. I went with the new animated version of The Grinch because I saw it for the first time recently and instantly loved it.

I created these GIFS in the spirit of the holidays not only because I think both movies are truly inspiring but I believe anyone can enjoy them.

I love the final scene of this movie because although the grinch stole Christmas from the who’s, they all forgave him and invited him to dinner with them so he wouldn’t be alone. You can see how nervous he was as it was his first Christmas dinner but they all accepted him with open arms.

An older classic that I love is The Polar Express. I would watch it every Christmas when I was younger and wish I could ride on the Polar Express. But let’s be honest, didn’t we all?

To this day I still wish I could ride the Polar Express.

What I love about this movie is the fun aspect of it, it almost feels like we’re going on a journey with them. Not only is it fun but it packs such a significant message about what it means to believe, the movie feels hopeful. All of the kids have different beliefs and ideas based on their experiences and we get an insight into what the holidays truly mean for everyone. I think it’s a beautiful movie and I won’t go a holiday season without watching it.

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