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Ending the Semester

This blog started out as a project for my Digital Media Class and we are already ending the semester. It has been a very interesting process of discovery and learning new things I didn’t know before. I’ve learned how to manage a blog, how to create gifs, how to work with audio such as audio interviews and podcasts. I’ve also learned of the influence and importance of media in our age. Something I’m proud of is being able to create new works in a different way such as these blog posts I’ve created for the class:

  1. Web Images
  2. My First Blog Post
  3. The Impact of the Web
  4. Entrevistas Verano 2019
  5. Entrevista
  6. It All Starts Here
  7. Personal Slideshow
  8. It’s a Holiday GIF!
  9. In My Mind

And finally this one. My favorite post to create was It’s a Holiday GIF! as I got to create gifs from movies I actually love during this festive time. It also felt like the most personalized as I was mostly explaining why I love those movies and the meanings they have for me.

Since I created this blog I’ve gained 6 followers, and in total I received 69 views, 41 visitors, and 10 likes. I have 41 views from Puerto Rico, 24 from United States, 2 from India, 1 from Australia, and 1 from United Kingdom and my most viewed post is Web Images.

I really enjoyed this class as it made me realize the importance of ones online image when it comes to finding a profession and expanding your work image. In this digital age we’re living in having a blog or a portfolio in which you can show your skills and knowledge is so beneficial to have. That was my favorite part of the semester, creating this blog and online image.


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