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In My Mind

The story of a girl dreaming of escaping the mundane. Tired of the ordinary, she wishes to run away into a life of her own where she can explore her self identity. That’s the beautiful thing about art, it tells a story. One story that can be interpreted hundreds of different ways. It connects with those observing it in a way nothing else does. Art has the possibility to touch ones soul, almost as music does to those who listen. It’s something so powerful and beautiful.

Using Google Arts and Culture I created my own art gallery including these works:

  1. The House at Rueil- Edouard Manet
  2. Flaming June- Frederic Leighton
  3. Plate 1 from Dissertation in Insect Generations and Metamorphosis in Surinam- Maria Sibylla Merian
  4. Ophelia- John Everett Millais
  5. L’Aurore (Dawn)- William Adolphe Bouguereau
  6. The Lady of Shallot- John William Waterhouse
  7. Natureza morta com frutas [Still Life with Fruit]- Agostinho Jose da Mota
  8. The Window of Time- Hyo Soon Choi

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