Ending the Semester

This blog started out as a project for my Digital Media Class and we are already ending the semester. It has been a very interesting process of discovery and learning new things I didn't know before. I've learned how to manage a blog, how to create gifs, how to work with audio such as audio... Continue Reading →

In My Mind

The story of a girl dreaming of escaping the mundane. Tired of the ordinary, she wishes to run away into a life of her own where she can explore her self identity. That's the beautiful thing about art, it tells a story. One story that can be interpreted hundreds of different ways. It connects with... Continue Reading →

It’s a Holiday GIF!

My favorite time of the year is coming up and that is Christmas! I love all things festive and related to the holiday season and of course that includes movies. I'll watch all kinds of festive movies (comedies, dramas, rom-coms, you name it) but there are some classics that I will never get tired of... Continue Reading →

Entrevistas Verano 2019

Durante el semestre hemos trabajado con varios medios, incluyendo audio, específicamente reportajes audio. Para esto hicimos varias entrevistas a estudiantes de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, la facultad y el personal. El tema del reportaje fue sobre los eventos que sucedieron el verano del 2019 en Puerto Rico con el movimiento de #rickyrenuncia. Mis compañeras... Continue Reading →

It All Starts Here

Although I started this blog because of a class, it has inspired me to actually try and learn new things so I can help people in any way I can, whether it's through helpful post or things that inspire me that I believe may inspire others. I hope I can accomplish that through this blog.... Continue Reading →


Tuve la oportunidad de hacerle una entrevista a una compañera de clase, Jannette Matias, que me conto un poco sobre su vida, de la cual yo no conocia mucho. Me parecio una experiencia muy interesante y pienso que es una persona muy carismatica, aqui les dejo las preguntas que le hice basado en el Cuestionario... Continue Reading →

The Impact of the Web

What is the web and what impact does it have in our society? For me the web means many things, but most of all it's an advancement, a step towards the future. While people might believe it's had a positive impact others might argue the opposite, but for what reason? Many people say this generation... Continue Reading →

My First Blog Post

Hello! I'm Nicole, a 19 year old psychology student in my second year at Universidad del Sagrado Corazon. I'm starting this blog for my INF115 class and I'm hoping to expand my knowledge on all things media and digital web. In this blog I'll be focusing on mental and physical health and the effects they... Continue Reading →

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